Get more out of your music

Bebop lets you see exactly what you hear.

Every note, from every instrument,
in mesmerizing animated sequences.

More enjoyable

Easier to follow

More revealing

1 Get lost in the music, forget everything else

Listen like the composer or performer would: see ahead and feel notes before they hit
Higher position on screen = higher pitch Size of circle = duration of note

2 See everything, hear everything

"Split" mode makes it easier to hear everything that's going on

3 Hear what's important

Instantly recognize what matters in a busy, multi-layered soundscape Follow musical phrases using visual patterns like the "staircases" in this animation

Music is a foreign language, and Bebop is here to demystify it

What makes music a language?
3 key skills: listening comprehension, reading, and "speaking" (i.e. playing)
Specific meanings: particular musical patterns always produce particular emotions
Ordering matters: re-arranging the words in a musical "sentence" changes its meaning
Expressiveness: saying the same "sentence" with a different tone changes its meaning

Bebop uses 3 proven language-learning tricks to demystify music:
An immersive experience: in this case, fullscreen visual animations
Links to a "native" language that you're good at: in this case, visual patterns
Easy examples showing how things work: in this case, bookmarked musical "Moments"

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What else can I do with Bebop?

Explore curated "Moments" (like sparknotes for music)
Customize animations and share with friends
Upload MIDI / MP3 files to create original animations

Bonus animations


Questions you might have

Can you make an animation of my composition / song?

Absolutely: as long as you have an MP3 file and a matching MIDI file of what you want to animate. Just head to the upload section after you sign up.
From there you can customize every aspect of the animation like layer colors, rendering modes, and animation styles.
Note: If the MIDI and MP3 aren't already in sync, we have an algorithm that can process them. Just send us a note at

I appreciate what you're doing. Can I help in some way?

Share: The most awesome thing you can do is share Bebop with your friends, family, colleagues, that cute barista, everyone in your yoga class, etc.
We have tons of new features planned for Bebop (i.e. mobile, games), and we need your support to get the word out before we run out of money for rent & soda.
Donate: If you really really like what we've built, you could leave us a nice tip via Paypal
Partner: If you're doing something related to music, education, or technology and have an idea to use / adapt / improve Bebop, we're waiting to hear from you at !
Join: We're looking for Android / iOS / Web engineers, as well as content management specialists and marketing firepower.

Can this be used in the classroom?

Absolutely: we'll soon be publishing a list of ideas for how Bebop can be used in education (e.g. instrument identification / directed listening, perceiving rhythms, singing along)
Let us know at if you have some interesting ideas!

Can this be used for music appreciation or therapy?

Go for it! Whether it's to ease chronic anxiety or prepare for a major surgery, Bebop is all about making the power of music more accessible.

Can this be used in live performance?

It depends: the easiest way is for performers to play along to a pre-synced animation (meaning they would need to agree on a tempo beforehand). If a conductor is involved, then the pre-syncing could be done to a click track, which the conductor could use during the performance.

Why did you make Bebop?

Our modern pace of life is thrilling, but it can also be overwhelming. How often do you actually have time to listen to music while not doing something else at the same time?

Even though the backbone of every great film, video game, road trip, or dance number is a good piece of music, the full power and meaning of music goes beyond supporting roles.

We built Bebop because music can be an end in itself. To help great music stand on its own in our cluttered lives, and to give listeners a new way of hearing and discovering.